Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome to Meesh's Little Pieces!

Some of you may know me from Meesh's Pieces! Play time for me is in my craft haven! I love getting lost in colors, textures, textiles, and patterns! My niece Kayleigh is my inspiration for Meesh's Little Pieces! She came into the world with a full head of highlighted hair, really! I made my first elastic headband for her a few months ago & I haven't stopped ever since! Because she is the cutest model ever, orders from other lil' clients are coming in. Who would have thought?! I hope to inspire you with lovely little pieces. 

Thank you to Veronica from VK Design for doing such a wonderful job on Meesh's Little Pieces! She is the most talented designer I know! I love, love my VK Lil' Meesh too!

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